Politicians refusing to recognize Lungu wasting time


IT IS irrelevant for any politicians not to recognise the re-election of President Lungu because only the electorate had the mandate to do so, says Chief Nyamphande of the Nsenga-speaking people of Petauke district. Chief Nyamphande said it was unfortunate that some individuals wanted to mislead the nation with their mischief by trying to bring confusion over the re-election of President Lungu. He said Zambia was a democratic nation and it was for that reason that elections were held every five years and the rules were well-known to all participants. “And once the elections are over, we are bound by the rules of the game. There are winners and losers, and this is what democracy is all about,” the chief said.  The traditional leader said it was important that losers should start preparing for the next elections despite how hurt they could be. He said all the candidates in the election were stakeholders who were bound by the rules of the game and therefore, it was wrong for any individual not to recognise President Lungu. “There is life after politics and if people have not given you an opportunity, it means there is something lacking in the message you conveyed to the electorate. After all, the people who voted are not making noise, and who are they to do things their own way and mislead the people?” he wondered. Chief Nyamphande explained that the aspiration of the people goes with the outcome of the elections and therefore, those who lost must not waste time but start preparing for the next election. “Who are you to say you cannot recognise the President? No matter what one thinks, the voters are the ones to decide who will be their leader. “Parliament is there to discuss these issues and at the end of the day we have not heard people complaining,” he said. Chief Nyamphande explained that such unfounded statements should not be entertained as they were bound to mislead some people. “Allow those who were elected do the work,” he said.