Nude pictures on social media raise concern


Dear Editor

Social media are computer mediated technologies that allow companies, individuals, Government and other organizations to view, create and share information and ideas around the world.

Social media has become the quickest source of information and there are many purposes of using social media.

Some people use it for business while others use it for advertising.

What is saddening me most is the increasingly sharing and posting of nudity photos by the bad users.

There are bad and good users of social media but the bad users are becoming more popular than the good users.

The good users use it for business purposes, advertisement etc. while the bad users are using it for sharing nude photos, creating and posting lies.

The system is moving at a very high speed each and every day, mostly among youths.

It’s not common for a 4-year-old man or woman to post a nude picture on Facebook, Twitter or other social media but instead this is mainly done by people between the age of 17 to 35 years.

It is sad that some people are creating false accounts with the interests of misleading and getting money from the general public.

This can be proved by the recent scandal where unknown people created  a false account on Facebook in the name of ZRA in which it was falsely reported that ZRA was selling off impounded vehicles at a give-away price.

The incident mislead thousands Zambians country wide.

Another example is where unknown people created false ministerial positions before the official announcement by the President and the list of the same documents went viral within minutes.

Using something wrongly means misusing it, and this misuse of social media must be cut off as soon as possible because it’s mostly youths involved

It is more worrying because even thieves have decided to be using the social media to trick people in every way possible.

Even some journalists are lacking merits as they are getting news on social media.

Journalism ethics need to be applied. News need to be followed where it is and not on social media.

Serious sensitization needs to take place and I am sure when people are sensitized only a few will be using it wrongly.I am therefore urging my fellow youths to distance themselves from any bad acts on social media.It is everyone’s responsibility to choose what to share to the general public.

John Mwape

Copperstone University, Student