Scott ‘chickens’ out of petition

CHARLOTTE Scott, the UPND Lusaka Central losing parliamentary candidate has expressed lack of interest to petition the election of Margret Mwanakatwe, prompting the Commerce and Trade Minister to demand for the dismissal of the petition in High Court. When the matter came up, the petitioner’s lawyer Martha Mushipe informed High Court Judge Mwiinde Siavwapa that Dr Charlotte Scott had expressed lack of interest to continue with the petition against Ms Mwanakatwe. Ms Mushipe further explained that information on record was that the former Vice-President’s wife was in South Africa attending to personal business and that she had no interest to continue with the petition against Ms Mwanakatwe and would therefore not be available. She added that as a result of Mrs Scott reluctance to continue with her petition, the UPND was intending to substitute for former vice-president’s wife with a man only known as a Mr Jimmy Simonga so that he could continue with the petition. But Ms Mwanakatwe’s lawyers Kelvin Fube Bwalya (KBF), Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) and the Attorney Generals lawyers objected Ms Mushipe’s submission on substitution and applied that the petition be dismissed by the court for want of prosecution. Ms Mushipe later asked the court for an adjournment because she was not feeling well and that she was not the one who was supposed to prosecute Ms Scott but her colleague, Keith Mweemba who had traveled to Livingstone. Judge Siavwapa asked Ms Mushipe whether or not she could persuade the petitioner to appear before court and in her reply the UPND lawyer told the court that she was not certain about it. Judge Siavwapa ordered for an adjournment to October 19, 2016 in which the court wanted all the formalities completed and that trial in the matter should commence without fail.

One thought on “Scott ‘chickens’ out of petition

  1. The decision by Dr. Charlote Scott to express no interest in pursuing the petition against Mrs. Mwanakatwe merely proves that the UPND was just prone to cause havoc on the dictates of democracy in Zambia. UPND’s project to contest their losses in most of Parliamentary constituencies has proved to be a programme that will end in futility. I can only offer condolences to Western Diplomats and their foreign financiers that supported a tribally infested UPND to kill democracy in Zambia. Amen

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