Move on, UPND told


I would like to urge the UPND leadership to accept and support the Government rather than wasting their time talking about negative issues concerning the election of the President. Please concentrate on building your party. Maybe you can win after 35 years from now. Your vice GBM made you lose because of his language.

Elias Munsanje,

N’gombe compound, Lusaka



Kelvin Sampa is ministerial



The Kasama lawmaker has proven that he can deliver given a ministerial position. These four pending ministries, if ratified, one should be given to him.

Alick Nyambe.




PF die hard, Lusaka



Allow me to thank God for our beloved God given President who recently visited the inmates at Lusaka Central Correctional Facility and Kamwala. Indeed you’re a child of God. My appeal is that prison warders should not be allowed to be selecting convicted inmates during presidential pardons because only those from rich families benefit and also to avoid corruption. I suggest that all the inmates should benefit by removing at least 30 percent from their sentences so that those who have already served can simply walk to their freedom on 24th October 2016.

Peter Lungu,

Ex inmate, Livingstone



HH is a good leader

2021 UPND dununa forward



HH and GBM were only fighting for their rights. They did nothing to be arrested the PF as a bad political party. They have shown their behavior! 2021 UPND, DUNUNA FORWARD!




Minimum wage of K800 a scandal


My main concern is on the minimum Wage. I am a Zambian aged 28, married with a child getting K800. What is labour ministry doing because from what I see, you don’t care about us your people. People who stood in the sun to put you in power with your government. Please encourage us because these investors are enslaving us! We have no say! They do whatever they want with us and that is why we are enslaved. PF government, free us! What can you do with K800? What is the minimum wage? Your people are suffering in these industries.




Independence of the mind



We can never be free if our minds are still held in captivity? Positive thinking and solution seeking mind is the mind considered free. I am urging, especially young people to be thinkers of solutions and not problems our country has had to face. Only then will I say we are free.

Cozmo. M, Lusaka


What is happening  to singer Wezi?


Wezi the musician is one Zambian musician I used to like because she looked very natural, collected and calm but today, I am disappointed with the pins on her lips and colour.





Kabwe blacked out by ZNBC?


May I know from the top government leaders in Kabwe why news events in Kabwe are not shown on TV? All we see on TV are news from Lusaka, Copperbelt and other parts of Zambia. Is Kabwe far from Lusaka? Mwe bantu chiteniko ifya pusanko Kabwe inmoneke bwino. We are treated as if we are not of the same father! Ok ine cilankalipa sana fye!


Makululu, Kabwe