ERB should explain fuel price adjustments


I would like, on behalf of Zambians, to find out and have a clear picture on the recent fuel adjustments by ERB and the Ministry of Energy and Water Development if there was price increase on fuel or it was just a removal of subsidy on the commodity? I am a full time PF supporter and supports government in its work but to avoid those not in support of PF government to start talking against the working government, ERB and the Ministry of Energy and Water Development, should explain the matter in detail.

Lawrence Tembo,




Hear this Lumwana community


Lumwana Community Trust is part of the obligations agreed in an MoU signed in August 2005 by their Royal Highness Chiefs Mukumbi and Mumena, the Matebo Royal Establishment and Lumwana Mining Company.

The intent of LCT is to foster and partially fund sustainable development projects as approved by the land use development and planning committee. LCT focus category areas are health, community life, education/skill development, local economy and wealth creation etc. It’s saddening to notice that people are still living the life of those early Stone Age.

Kasusute Barton,

Matebo Community Resources Board Secretary,

Kalumbila District NWP



Kalumbila poverty still high


Despite having these two mines, Lumwana and Kalumbila in the newly created Kalumbila district, there is still low levels of living standards of people (hosts) e.g. poor rural road works, poor water and sanitation, low farming input supply, limited basic and secondary schools, unemployment, little or no knowledge on accessing empowerment funds, hiked prices on goods and services and ignorance on ICT skills due to lack of facilities among other things. Having a listening government called the Patriotic Front, we hope these will be tabled and be a story of the past if we are to save the current and future generations.

Mr. B.Kasusute,




Fuel hike wrong timing


The hike in fuel will see all the prices of commodities sky rocketing. It has been done when we are coming from an election period where we were promised low prices of everything. Was this just a political propaganda? I am a staunch PF supporter and I believe in PF pro-poor manifesto. PF blood is in me and I will forever be PF. I am just disappointed with the move taken by ERB. They could have at least waited for some time before increasing.

Mathias S J. Phiri


Zambia police


I would like to  appeal to the police about those mafias who are harassing, robbing people in broad daylight who go to buy goats in Chibolya compound. I think the police should come in and bring sanity to this place. Please, Mr. I.G send your men just there at the entrance of Chibolya to see for themselves what is going on.



Chreso drivers’ salaries


We appeal to the labour minister to hear our cry! Drivers at CHRESO are being paid between K1300 and K1600.Please help us.



Mafinga is also part of Zambia


The road from Muyombe to Chinti border between Zambia and Malawi whose trees hang over the road. This road needs urgent attention. I am urging the Mafinga MP and the councilors to make sure they assist and respond to the complaints of the people. Please, don’t use roads and bridges as political precious stones to win votes after every five years.



Fuel hike welcome


The fuel hike is inevitable and the move by ERB means well if we are to move forward as a nation. After all, the only beneficiaries from the fuel subsidies are big companies such as the mines and not an ordinary Zambians say in Shangómbo or Lundazi. I am in support of ERB.