‘UNZA course materials will pass HEA test’


WE are confident that the University of Zambia (UNZA) course materials we submitted to the Higher Education Authority (HEA) will meet their requirements and pass the quality check because we have enhanced our performance and professionalism, UNZA Vice Chancellor Luke Mumba has said.

In an interview with the Daily Nation, Professor Mumba disclosed that the university had enhanced its performance and professionalism and that he was confident that the course materials which were submitted to HEA for scrutiny would meet its requirements.

He explained that the HEA had given each institution of higher learning their requirements and asked each institution to submit their teaching materials so that they could scrutinize and close down those which would not meet the requirements.

Prof Mumba said arising from the assurance from UNZA quality assurance officer and a number of meetings the university held with HEA to fully understand their expectations, he was confident UNZA would meet the requirements.

“We were asked to submit all our course materials just like all the other institutions of higher learning by HEA. However we are confident that all our courses meet the requirements of HEA. We have been having meetings with them where they have explained their expectations. Our quality assurance officer has assured and the way we have enhanced our performance and professionalism gives us confidence,” he said.

And Prof Mumba said that all the other institutions of higher learning affiliated to the university were subject to their own scrutiny by the HEA.

He however disclosed that the university carried out their own quality assessment before they could affiliate with any institution.

Prof Mumba said that the university sent their own staff to work with those at affiliate institutions to make sure that the standards were up to the required level.

He explained that the university staff also carried out assessments on course materials and staff then made recommendations before any agreement was entered into.

Prof Mumba said that the HEA would also carry out their own quality check on each institution and that they would make their own conclusion depending on their findings.