garry nkomboNamugala curtails Nkombo Parley debate

DEPUTY Speaker of the National Assembly Catherine Namugala on Wednesday curtailed UPND chief whip Garry Nkombo’s debate for accusing the Patriotic Front (PF) government of looting public resources without evidence. Mr Nkombo had accused the PF government of stealing public funds and having a 2014 national Budget which under-performed by 20 percent. Mr Nkombo’s allegations incensed National Development Planning Minister Lucky Mulusa, prompting him to raise a point of order. Mr Mulusa, in his point of order, asked Ms Namugala to provide a serious ruling on Mr Nkombo’s allegations because the UPND Mazabuka Member of Parliament had not substantiated his claims. Mr Mulusa argued in his point of order that Mr Nkombo was not in order to accuse the Patriotic Front of stealing Government money when he could not substantiate his claims on the floor of the House. Making her ruling, Ms Namugala gave Mr Nkombo only two options whether to withdraw his claims or substantiate the allegations before he could continue debating. But Mr Nkombo could however not withdraw his claims nor substantiate his allegations against the PF government as he had no evidence to present on the floor of the House. He said he had problems with withdrawing his claims because, according to him, it was true that the PF had looted public resources and that its 2014 national Budget under-performed by 20 percent. Ms Namugala ruled that Mr Nkombo could not continue debating until he had withdrawn or substantiated his allegations. Mr Nkombo’s debate was immediately curtailed after he failed to follow Ms Namugala’s guidance.