‘Garbage disposal not responsibility of council alone’


THE Zambia National Marketeers Credit Association (ZANAMACA) has charged that the maintenance and collection of garbage should not be the responsibility of councils alone. Speaking during the signing ceremony of the memorandum of understanding on litter and waste disposal awareness campaign under the theme “My market is my life” between ZANAMACA and the Integrated Community and Anti-litter Initiative (ICALI), ZANAMACA president Frank Kameya said the council cannot work alone in the garbage collection. Mr. Kameya said litter has become a global disaster and many towns and cities in the world are beginning to choke with the scourge and Zambia is not an exception. He said there is need for concerted efforts from various players and application of new methods to manage litter and garbage. ‘’The issue of garbage in the city is a big concern that needs everyone’s concerted efforts if it is to be worked on and become a thing of the past. We cannot have a clean environment if every time we think it is only the responsibility of the council to manage the garbage that we have disposed of as citizens,’’ he said. Mr. Kameya said every marketer like any other citizen needs to operate and conduct their businesses in a clean and safe environment. He urged marketeers to take charge of the work places and ensure that they keep them clean and healthy at all times. And ICALI  president Pascal Chikumbi said the MoU is the beginning of the implementation of  the litter awareness campaign which will coincide with the launch of the litter management plan on January 27, 2017,  and shall run up to December 2021. Mr. Chikumbi said the country has an enormous task of changing the negative attitude that has engulfed some of the citizens towards careless litter and solid waste disposal. He said ‘‘litter no matter how small it shall still have a negative effect on society as it is dangerous, unhealthy and if not controlled in time can have devastating effects on the environment’’. ‘’ICALI and ZANAMACA are more than ready to enormously contribute to the Government’s strategic policy towards a clean environment,’’ he said. And Lusaka district commissioner Davies Mulenga said Government is committed to ensuring that Zambia becomes a litter-free country. Speaking on behalf of Lusaka provincial minister Japhen Mwakalombe, Captain Mulenga said that Government however requires the efforts of stakeholders and ordinary citizens to ensure that together they can mitigate and control garbage disposal.