PF Sonta slogan caused loss-UPND


PATRIOTIC Front slogan “sonta epowabomba” destroyed any chances the United Party for National Development candidate Charlotte Scott had of winning the August 11 2016 general election, says Kabulonga Ward 16 chairman Nelson Nkole. This is in a matter in which UPND losing candidate Dr Scott petitioned PF’s winning parliamentarian Margarete Mwanakatwe on allegations of racial remarks against the electoral code of conduct. Mr Nkole said Ms Mwanakatwe presented to the people of Lusaka Central a presence which should have been given by the pre-current MP, former vice president Guy Scott who had fallen out of favour with the electorates. He said the PF candidate accused Dr Guy Scott of failing the people of his constituency, which accusations spilt over to his wife, as the UPND candidate who were both branded failures. Mr Nkole made the testimony before Mr Justice Mwiinde Siavwapa adding that the people of Lusaka Central Constituency lost interest in both Dr Scott and his wife because of Ms Mwanakatwe’s campaign points. He said Dr Scott deserved to be recognised and respected as the sitting area MP even though he had resigned from the ruling PF that supported his candidature, but that Ms Mwanakatwe outshined his influence in the constituency. He charged that she had also taken over the popularity around the area as though she was the MP when in fact not.  Ms Mwanakatwe beat her closest rival Dr Charlotte Scott to grab the seat from former PF party vice president and Republican Vice-President Guy, who recently shifted camp to join the opposition after a thunderous fall out with a party he helped form with late president Michael Sata. Mr Nkole who struggled to find words of racial discrimination attributed to Ms Mwanakatwe, said the MP focused on racial statements including that she was born at the University Teaching Hospital (UTH) while her contender was not. He charged that such sentiments including allegations that the previous MP had failed to deliver to the people disadvantaged the opposition whose candidate was not born at UTH, and that they had nothing to point at in counteracting the “sonta” slogan. Lusaka Central has had two successive non-African MPs with MMD’s Depak Patel who served the constituency for 15 years before Dr Scott took over for 10 years under the PF from 2006 to 2016. And Mr Justice Siavwapa who sat up to 20:00hours on Wednesday informed a fully parked court room that trial would continue as long as there were witnesses to testify without any time limitation as long as it was within the prescribed trial period. Trial continues.