Ruff Khaida to grace Musaka Lodge Independence Bash


By Terence Miselo

With the independence fever spreading across the nation, many entertainment spots have lined up several events to keep Zambia’s 52nd Independence celebrations memorable. This is the more reason Musaka Lodge in Lusaka’s 10 Miles area have courted local hip hop artiste Ruff Khaida formerly Ruff Kid to grace a special independence summer bash slated for Monday October 24. The show will also feature traditional dancers plus several local upcoming artistes who are geared to play a role in making independence entertaining. Ruff Khaida is an award winner and will be willing to give out his rich collection of music that dates as far back as the early 2000s. His music career has always grown with lots of ups and downs and most times, controversy. He was a big influence to the local hip hop genre when he was under Slap Dee’s XYZ Label. His departure from the label even gave him more room to explore other music genres and this saw great collaborations with the likes of Chester, PJ, GYK and many others. The patrons at Musaka Lodge will be assured of a great performance which is absolutely free.