Celebrate 52nd anniversary of political independence responsibly


By Sycorax T.Ndhlovu

Zambians should celebrate the 52nd anniversary of political independence responsibly.

It’s important for my fellow Zambians to celebrate our political independence celebration responsibly; especially after learning that 17 people died on the spot on the Mongu-Lusaka road at about  23:30hours on Thursday(Daily Nation: October 22, 2016; page 1).

Losing such a number of lives few days before celebrating our political independence is another thorn in our flesh as Zambians. We would have loved enjoying our 52nd political independence side-by-side with our beloved late brothers and sisters. May the souls of our departed brothers and sisters rest in eternal peace.

While celebrating any festival, we should always recall that God’s gift of lives is still with us until he (God) decides to terminate it at his will.

As we celebrate our 52nd political independence, we should also remember that we are expected to contribute to love, unity, peace and stability in our country.

We can contribute to sustaining love, unity, co-operation, peace and stability if we recollect how our forefathers such as Dr Kenneth David Kaunda, Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe, Reuben Chitandika Kamanga, Harry Mwaanga Nkumbula, Sikota Wina, Mai Julia Chikamoka, Mai Chibesa Kankasa and many others fought for our political independence.

Zambians should also consider how successive governments’ and opposition party’s leaders sustained our motto of ‘One Zambia; One Nation’ practically for love, unity, peace and stability to prevail in Mother Zambia.

Among many other things, one can argue that Zambia is blessed because our first republican president, Dr Kaunda and other credible veteran politicians such as Mr Wina, Mai Kankasa and others are still with us for any citizen and political leaders to consult whenever we have doubts on how to handle certain socio-economic and political issues which befall us.

Probably President Edgar Chagwa Lungu’s humbleness, among others, is because he consults such statesmen and women on how best to run this country for love, unity, peace and stability to prevail in Mother Zambia.

As a result, President Lungu says Zambians should celebrate the 52nd anniversary for political independence peacefully.

Celebrating our anniversary of political independence responsibly and peacefully is critical both at individual, family and national levels because each of us has a role to play not only in sustaining peace and stability in the country but also in contributing to sustainable national socio-economic development processes of our country.

It’s from such a background that, in his swearing in speech at Heroes Stadium recently, President Lungu urged Zambians at all levels of human endeavour throughout the country to work hard.

This is because there is no country in this world where citizens just wait for their respective governments to do everything for them that has developed sustainably.

Individuals’ and each family’s sustainable development processes through various respective government’s facilitation and enabling environment leads to some countries developing in a  sustainable manner.

If majority Zambians can take advantage of our sustained peace and stability to sustainably exploit the vast natural resources such as fertile soils, water bodies, fish, forests, minerals and wildlife among others, Zambia can make remarkable sustainable national socio-economic development processes.

From such expectations, each Zambian should reflect on what he or she has so far achieved both from such political independence and from such a peaceful and stable environment amidst huge  rich natural resources.

Depending on one’s age, if one has achieved great things in life from such an enabling environment, one should thank God for such a success. But don’t backslide in making such remarkable socio-economic progress in life. Continue.

For those who are like me in struggling to make ends meet despite such an enabling environment, it’s not too late to make corrections.

While someone might argue that there is little or no enabling environment from where one can make remarkable socio-economic progress in our country, some people in the past and nowadays are making big socio-economic strides in the same perceived unfavourably government policy environment.

One management motivational writer said opportunities occur to those who are prepared. To always think that no successive government provides enabling environment for all citizens to progress is the same as saying God doesn’t provide you with enabling environment to succeed in your life. But can this be true?

Like in any country, both opportunities and challenges exist in Zambia. Therefore, it depends on what you have specialised in to see. Do you always see bad things in Zambia?

My brother; my sister. The best enabling environment is the gift of life God gives as we live on this Earth. The able-body and normal five senses you and I have are our tools for improved living standards in such an enabling environment.

It’s important for my fellow Zambians to appreciate that no government will afford to provide enabling environment for all its citizens at all times. Some citizens benefit from some government policies while others achieve great things through personal hard work.

And in most countries in this world, the majority citizens who excel financially and economically are those who work hard at school, in official workplaces and in entrepreneurship.

In each of such areas of human endeaour, every responsible government tries hard to provide enabling environment and facilitate job creation and entrepreneurship. Such efforts from each citizen and from successive governments lead to improved living standards for many citizens. Improved lives for many citizens lead to sustainable national socio-economic advancement of a concerned country.

This is why information and broadcasting minister, Chishimba Kambwili said entrepreneurship and hard work are cardinal for each Zambian.

While some Zambians can be complaining of some economic hardship hitting our bodies and our families, we should also learn from other Zambians who are making remarkable progress under the same environment.

If other Zambians can make legally and morally remarkable socio-economic progress under the same conditions with us, why can’t we?

It’s the differences in how we celebrate anniversaries of political independence which determine whether one should have heightened and serious socio-economic challenges or not.

Enjoying annual celebrations responsibly facilitates one reflecting on the past and current achievements with a view to set new objectives; and plan how best to achieve such objectives before the next anniversary.

Those with honest, objective and effective reflections on their past and present, enjoy annual celebrations responsibly so that they see their strengths and weaknesses; and assess opportunities and existing and potential threats the geographical, ecological, socio-cultural, economic, political and the technological environments offer.

Failure to conduct SWOT Analysis during anniversaries of political independence sustains our socio-economic challenges in our individual, family and national endeavours.

If one honestly and effectively analyses who actively participates in unnecessary political violence among the ordinary citizens in our country, one might discover that, mostly, it’s those who don’t celebrate annual festivals responsibly.

Being involved in political violence, for instance, is a sign that one hasn’t been enjoying his or her annual festivals responsibly; and consequently, one has many unnecessary socio-economic challenges.

Any responsible person cannot allow himself or herself to be involved in unnecessary quarrels or violence which might lead him or her to death or to imprisonment; thereby leaving his or her parents, wife or husband and children in socio-economic misery forever!

Those who celebrate such festival peacefully and responsibly make socio-economic strides annually because they have fresh minds on such days to plan for their better future.

Therefore, be responsible and peaceful on such wonderful days! The benefits of being so on such days might be endless to you.

Imagine every Zambians celebrating such annual festivals peacefully and responsibly. Zambia can be like London or like New York within few years from now!

If you don’t know how to live peacefully and enjoy annual celebrations responsibly, ask our statesmen and women such as Dr Kaunda, Mr Rupiah Banda and other credible veteran politicians mentioned above. They will indoctrinate you how to do so before it’s too late for you.

Zambia needs peaceful and responsible citizens and political leaders for it to make sustainable socio-economic strides from its massive and rich natural resources.

Therefore, let’s start life on a clean slate after the 52nd anniversary of political independence at individual, family and national levels.

To do so, we need to contribute to promoting love, unity, co-operation, peace and stability in Mother Zambia. This is the first and very important pre-requisite for us to work hard in our formal or informal employment.

If others have achieved great things from such blessings and environment, what else do we want from God and from our government? Meet half way with God and our government for you to achieve more great things in your life!

For instance, government has facilitated construction of schools, colleges, universities, health centres and hospitals. It has also facilitated construction of improved road network almost in all parts of the country; including the construction of Mongu-Kalabo road which has made business in Kalabo be more profitable than ever before.

Therefore, does one need government to take him or her to school, college, a university, a health centre or to hospital? Does one need government to tell him or her how to use the improved road network for his or her improved life?

No! What remains after government has done all such can be easily be done by each responsible citizen to improve on his or her life.

Therefore, Zambians should celebrate the 52nd anniversary of political independence peacefully and responsibly.


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