Kabwe MP threatens to sue Kabwe council


KABWE Central Member of Parliament (MP) Tutwa Ngulube has threatened to sue Kabwe Municipal Council for illegally hiring out public machinery which were procured using Constituency Development Funds (CDF) to private contractors and mines, without providing proper accountability for the monies remitted. In an interview with the Daily Nation, Mr Ngulube disclosed that the Council had hired out Tipper Trucks, Graders and other heavy machinery which were public property without following proper procedures. He said that those properties were for the people of Kabwe and that it was wrong for the Council to rent them out without their blessings. Mr Ngulube warned that the equipment were being misused and that no one knew where the monies raised were being taken to. “We are going to sue the Council for hiring out machinery which belongs to the people of Kabwe without proper consultation. Those equipment were bought using CDF, so it’s wrong for them to hire them out without consulting the people. The machinery are being misused and no one knows where the monies raised are being taken,” he said. And Mr Ngulube, who is also Patriotic Front (PF) legal counsel, said that he was currently using his own money and resources to upgrade roads which were in a deplorable state. He noted that the constituency was actually supposed to be using the same machinery the Council had hired out to contractors to upgrade roads. Mr Ngulube explained that Bwacha Constituency and Kabwe Central had put their CDF together to procure the machinery for public benefit. He pointed out that at the moment the general public were not benefiting in any way from the machinery, which he said contractors were abusing.   Mr Ngulube, however, wondered where the Council was taking the money private companies were paying for using the machinery. He suspected foul play and warned that he would take the Council to court so that they could bring the machinery back and explain how they had been using the money raised. Mr Ngulube also explained that the Council did not follow laid down procedures when hiring out the machinery, adding that they were supposed to register with Zambia Public Procurement Authority (ZPPA) before hiring out the machinery. Meanwhile, Mr Ngulube disclosed that he had spent over K300, 000 of his own money to upgrade about 60 kilometres of roads in Kabwe. He said the road works were progressing well but that the projects would be halted once he runs out of money.