It is unwise and costly to mock God and his people


Dear Editor,

Kindly allow me space in your newspaper to express my disappointment with UPND’s mockery on people who attended prayers and fasted. I watched one honourable MP and his supporters in Parliament saying that those who went for prayer and fasting on 18 October at the reserve forest were sinners who went to repent. This just shows how ignorant these MPs could be with where Zambians are today. They are ignorant about the spirituality and wisdom of most Zambians. It is very saddening that the party that is desiring to lead the people of this great nation has no clue about the people they want to lead. They have no clue about the God who the Zambians worship and desire for. They have no knowledge on why we went to thank God as one people from different denominations. This is what the Bible says about such honourables: “For even though they knew God, they did not honour Him as God or give thanks, but they became futile in their speculations, and their foolish heart was darkened. Professing to be wise, they became fools,” Romans 1:21-22 NASB. Many Zambians are no longer just church goers, but have had a personal encounter and relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. By mocking their faith in God is de-campaigning themselves. If you don’t know the God of this land, you will never rule. Never! Bishop Alick Malama



Lacklustre work culture at Mongu Library


Dear Editor,

It is my hope that this article will be published in your widely read newspaper. I am totally disheartened by the poor work culture exhibited by Mongu Library staffs in Western Province.   This library is manned by three government staff employed under the Ministry of Education and one casual daily employee, not officially employed by the Ministry of Education.   The reason for employing the casual daily employee is to cover up the three staff who most of the times are not present at the library. Despite the fact that the Government is paying salaries to the three formally employed staff, who in my view are too many, for a very small library such as Mongu library, I have never seen a workplace where personnel shamelessly exhibit poor work culture such as the case of Mongu library.   The lacklustre work culture is characterised by the fact that the employees almost every day open the library late due to late reporting at work. The library is supposed to operate throughout lunch time but is closed and users sent away.  Instead of having all the paid government employees at the place of duty every day most of the times one staff is present or none at all, leaving the library in the hands of the casual daily employee. Really there is need for the provincial education office to supervise regularly the library staff in order to instil in them some sense of responsibility. It is also important for the provincial office to note that the library has no running water, no adequate toilet facilities. Behind the library there is a small, smelly and unhygienic makeshift toilet made of reeds which is used by library users whenever they want to attend to their physiological needs. Dr.  Henry Ilunga Kasongo



Commission of Inquiry will help explain Violence



Dear Editor,

Whilst I think there is nothing wrong with President Edgar Lungu in appointing a 15-member Commission of Inquiry into the Pre and Post-Election Violence (CIPPEV) to examine the causes of political violence before, during and after the August 11 general elections, I do take exception to the nauseous reactions by UPND-sponsored NGOs and biased Western diplomats who are against this noble action which is an honest effort to reduce the post-election tensions and heal the bitterness thereof in the country (“Lungu appoints Commission of Inquiry on political violence”, Daily Nation, October 22, 2016). Let us be clear that when Justice Munalula Lisimba, was appointed to chair what would become CIPPEV for short, so much would be expected of him. Everyone’s anticipating that he would be the person who would set the ball rolling in determining the kind of Zambia’s future politics and eventual embarrassment of the UPND and its EU and US backers. Needless to say, in Justice Munalula Lisimba’s mind this Commission would be above board in ensuring justice was done. Unlike previous commissions of inquiry in Zambia, CIPPEV, as expected, is going to be different. Justice Munalula Lisimba knows how the findings of such commissions in the past had been but time-buying gimmicks for the Executive. In the end, after 120 days of evidence gathering, Justice Munalula Lisimba is expected to present his Commission’s findings to the appointing authority, President Edgar Lungu, together with his most prized recommendations. Notwithstanding, the evidence the Commission would have gathered so far should in the 15-member Commission’s assessment be sufficient to meet the threshold of proof required for criminal matters in this country: that it be beyond reasonable doubt. It should not even fall short of the proof required for crimes against humanity to warrant the involvement of the International Criminal Court (ICC). Many observers believe, however, that the Commission’s evidence would form a firm basis for more investigations of the alleged perpetrators and main masterminds of the August 11 post-election violence. Mubanga Luchembe, LUSAKA



It is an abomination to speak ill against National Day of Prayer



Dear Editor,

Allow me to express my gratitude to God for giving Zambia a man after His own heart to reign as President of Zambia at a time such as this. It will be retrogressive, morbid and inhuman to any normal thinking Christian to speak ill against the National Day of Prayer, Fasting, and Reconciliation which is held annually on 18th October. The Bible is full of instances of people coming together in prayer to acknowledge the sovereignty of God the father of all flesh. Those accusing President Edgar Lungu of politicising the call to prayer are not only enemies of Zambia. The word of God is very clear on prayer. If other people opt to boycott the coming together of people, it is their constitutional right but let it be put on record that God does not need anyone’s permission in order to do something. Whenever God wants to do something, He raises up a man. He sends a man. If God wants people to gather in prayer as a nation. In His sovereign will, He cannot consult Mr Hakainde Hichilema, GBM, the Zambia Council of Catholic Bishops or the Council of Churches in Zambia’s General Secretary. These people and their institutions are too small to God to consult. Moreover, our God is no respecter of persons. We also cherish the ups and downs that we are passing through as a nation but to speak ill against my Zambia is unacceptable. Zambia will forever remain an oasis in a desert. Anyone who speaks ill of Zambia will always do it at his own downfall. The principle is very simple: “If you speak ill against anything, it will reject you.” We thank God for Zambia because Zambia has rejected and vomited those who have been speaking ill against it. Zambia is not the land. Zambia is people whom God has planted in the land. In conclusion, I urge you to accept your own weaknesses and start life afresh and acknowledge that Zambia belongs to Jesus. And to borrow the words of President Lungu “Zambia will forever be a Christian nation.” Evangelist C Mwaba Kapala Village, Mwense.

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