Residents scared as expired commodities flood Chaisa


By Nation Reporter


THE rise in the sale of expired goods by some traders in Chaisa compound is worrying many residents.

The goods range from foodstuffs, body lotions, soaps and detergent pastes which have flooded the area.

Residents interviewed by the Daily Nation said the situation bothered them and called for urgent action to deal with the problem.

“There are so many expired goods being sold here and people are just buying blindly. I just hope that the authorities will do something to stop this because there is no way people could be sold expired goods.

“This is totally unacceptable for a country like Zambia which has been independent for more than 50 years,” said Marvis Mwaba, a regular customer at Chaisa market.

She appealed to the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (CCPC) to look into the matter and protect consumers from buying expired goods which posed health challenges to members of the public.

Another resident Jack Kaliche said many people were buying expired products because they were sold at  giveaway prices.

“With the current economic situation people always want to buy cheap things and you always find many of them buying these expired products,” he said.

He noted that some women had ended up damaging their skins because of using expired body lotions.

Mwenya Musonda, who had once bought a bottle of lotion from one of the shops at the market, said the expired products were harmful.

“I remember I once bought some lotion because I thought it was just fine but later I discovered that with time my face started changing. I reacted badly and I had dark spots all over my face,” she said.

She advised other people in the area to be cautious and check for expiry dates when buying lotions to avoid health complications later.