ZCCM-IH donates 2 boreholes to Sinda council


By Correspondent 

FORMER SINDA district commissioner Caroline Mwanza has thanked people of the district for voting wisely together with other Zambians in the just ended general elections.

Speaking during the handover of a water project donated by ZCCM-IH in Sinda, Ms Mwanza, who has since been moved to Mambwe in the same capacity, said she was impressed with the way Sinda residents had voted for President Edgar Lungu.

“I wish to thank you my brothers and sisters for not being behind; you voted wisely because this time you were not left behind but you moved together with other Zambians,” she said.

Ms Mwanza said all the previous governments had not recognised Sinda to be a district until PF came into power.

“We had a lot of governments in the past that never thought of declaring Sinda as a district but when PF government came into power, we were given a district and today you are witnessing the fruits that follow a district. We should not lag behind but continue moving together with other Zambians,’’ she said.

Ms Mwanza was the first district commissioner for Sinda appointed by the late President Michael Sata before she was sent to Mambwe district.

And ZCCM-IH chief executive officer Dr Pius Kasolo said his company aimed at drilling 11 boreholes countrywide and that Sinda had been blessed with two of them.

He appealed to residents of the area to utilize the water from the borehole effectively and allow everyone to benefit from the donation.