Dumping of babies in pit latrines alarms Lusaka residents


THE continued tendency of dumping newly-born babies in pit latrines by some women has raised concern among members of the public who have appealed to police to come up with stringent measures to deter would-be offenders. Residents of some Lusaka compounds complained that it was unfortunate that some women had continued to throw away babies. They called for tightening of laws that would ensure that culprits were severely punished. Jane Kabole said that women needed to be responsible and not take actions like throwing away babies who might have had a bright future ahead. Ms. Kabole said that women should learn to embrace the joy of motherhood and give chance to their new babies. She said that it was saddening that some women had resorted to killing their newly born babies for no apparent reason. “God is the giver of life and everything he gives is precious; a mother has no right to take away the  life of a child for their own selfish reasons. Every baby deserves to be born and grow up without anyone cutting their life short,’’ she said. Ms. Kabole reiterated that law enforcers should stiffen punishment for all culprits caught dumping babies. And Lusaka City Council (LCC) has disclosed that it was saddened by the continued reports of women dumping their newly born babies in pit latrines. LCC public relations manager Mulunda Habeenzu said that the reports were unfortunate and should be condemned by all well-meaning Zambian. Mr. Habeenzu said that the authority last week retrieved a baby that was dumped in a pit latrine in Kanyama township. He said that the woman suspected to have dumped the baby has been arrested by the police. “”As council we are really saddened by the whole situation but we are hoping that members of the public can work with us and identify such cases so that the perpetrators are brought to book,’’ he said. -Millennium Radio 90.5FM

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  1. Police stringent measures or not against would-offenders, it would not work because sex is now treated just as food by most young girls and boys as young as 15. On the other hand, married men and women are also at it, with more than one concubine in addition to the legal spouse. Besides, sex is considered a money spinner/business by most households around the hood, without thinking of the end product; babies.

    This world has just gone bananas and behold, the Lord is coming back very soon.


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