Freedom fighters blast careless Zukas

SIMON Zukas is not behaving like a freedom fighter and has been pushing an anti-Government agenda which has the potential to sacrifice the peace and freedom for which many Zambians shed their blood, the Freedom Fighters Association of Zambia (FFAZ) has charged. FFFAZ national secretary Christine Mulundika has rubbished Zukas’ assertions that Zambia was divided and that only half the population of the country was celebrating the 52nd Independence anniversary. Mrs Mulundika said Mr Zukas had never identified himself with many of Zambia’s freedom fighters and should therefore stop misleading Zambians that the country was divided. She said Zambia had remained united since gaining Independence in 1964 and that people like Mr Zukas should learn to appreciate what the country had done for them and should at all times avoid inflaming the emotions of peaceful citizens. She said Independence Day was not a partisan event and that all Zambians were expected to be part of the celebrations and that those who were politicizing it were unpatriotic. Mrs Mulundika said the FFAZ was aware that Mr Zukas had been pushing to meet first president Kenneth Kaunda and President Edgar Lungu for personal reasons yet he did not want to associate with other freedom fighters. “Zambia has never been divided since gaining her Independence in 1964 and it is shocking that people like Simon Zukas can claim that only half the country is celebrating Independence. Mr Zukas does nor associate with other freedom fighters and he has been pushing an anti-Government agenda which has the potential to sacrifice our peace and freedom we fought by shedding blood. Mrs Mulundika advised Mr Zukas to seek the counsel of other freedom fighters such as Sikota Wina, Mama Chibesa Kankasa, Dominic Chikamoneka and Betty Chilunga on how united Zambia was instead of making wild claims about how the country was divided. “Tell Mr Zukas to wake up and be part of us the freedom fighters. I know he does not care about other freedom fighters but that should not be a reason to be a bitter man. We do not know why he is bitter but let him not undermine our peace because we have seen what has happened to other countries that had taken their peace for granted,” Mrs Mulundika said.