Invest more in agriculture, Govt urged

GOVERNMENT has been urged to allocate more resources to the agriculture sector if the diversification process was to run smoothly. Movement for Economic Freedom (MEF) general secretary Reagan Mubatsa observed that the continuous pronouncement by Government to use agriculture as the vehicle for diversification must be backed with

adequate resources. “It is very important that when pronouncements of such nature are made, Government should be ready to ensure that there were adequate resources,” Mr.

Mubatsa said. According to him, the funds that Government had been allocating to the agriculture sector in the past were not enough to enhance the diversification process. Mr. Mubatsa advised Government to revise the money it had been allocating to the sector that had been identified as an area for diversification, calling on President Edgar Lungu and the Ministry of Finance to consider allocating adequate resources towards the sector in the next Budget. “When you look at diversification, specifically at a particular path that Government intends to take which is agriculture, indeed it should be matched with resources and the money allocated to this sector is not enough,” he said. He said it was not just good enough for Government to preach diversification on paper without putting adequate resources to accomplish the task of diversification. “For diversification to become a reality Government must back up their talk of diversification with resources so that diversification can become a reality. “Let it not just end up being a mere political story, it should be matched by resources; funds should be made available,” he said.