Lungu can make Zambia truly independent-Canisius


PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu should carefully select illustrious citizens to be part of his lead team and harness their vast talent if his vision to occasion the true independence and freedom of the country is to be realised, Canisius Banda has said. And Dr Banda who is former UPND vice-president for political affairs has charged that Zambia does not need the International Monetary Fund (IMF) but that the opposite was true. Dr Banda said Zambia was a country that was young both in years and demography with many youths under the age of 14 which he said was a grand opportunity for President Lungu to invest in the youths. Dr Banda who is now a development activist said in his independence reflection write-up yesterday that President Lungu had a blank canvas with the t young generation upon which to paint what he termed the requisite national development picture. He observed that national development was an undertaking that could not be achieved by President Lungu alone but that economic growth was only achievable with vision continuity. “With the brush he presently has in his hands, President Lungu should create bricklayers, carpenters, metalsmiths, technicians, inventors, innovators, nurses, teachers, entrepreneurs, engineers and doctors from the more than 50 percent of the young Zambians. Every Zambian must be educated. Having no money must never be a hindrance to acquiring education in our country. Education will lead to the required national grooming, development and prosperity. Education is the key to our survival and prosperity as a nation, Dr Banda said.   Dr Banda however noted that for investment in the development of the country to be successful, it was imperative that Government’s resource envelop should deliberately and significantly grown to finance the requisite priority national expenditure. He explained that Government expenditure should first pass a rigorous cost-benefit analysis before it was made and that in future, the economic framework should be tailored towards enabling citizens to have ready access to goods and services. “History cannot be changed but can only be wrongly told. It is then important for ourselves and our children that we know the truth, that our children are told their correct history,” Dr Banda said.