Shocking Government inertia


We are shocked by Government lack of interest and inertia in dealing with the fast developing case of large scale fraud and corruption at the Zambia National Farmers Union (ZNFU). This organization has just cost the country Millions of Dollars in  stolen money in addition to giving the country a bad name and now  unless somebody in Government takes interest in the unfolding cover-up  attempts another K20million in addition to the K32million confirmed stolen will not be accounted for. The audit at ZNFU was not completed. The auditors were stopped at the preliminary stage where they discovered the K32million fraud, their attempts to go back to complete the audit were rebuffed and if a new administration is ushered in the audit will not be completed. And if that happens nobody will know exactly how much has been stolen from the organization. For the last few weeks we have been reporting the unfolding events and for inexplicable reasons none of the agencies dealing with fraud and corruption have taken any real interest in the matter. If anything the people behind the scam have even managed to secure appointments with the new Minister of Agriculture Dorah Siliya ostensibly to discuss issues concerning the Union. We doubt  the Minister fully understands the dynamics at play because if she did such a meeting should not have been allowed before the whole audit issue was completed and certainly before elections to change leadership are held. ZNFU requires a thorough audit. No elections should be held before the full extent of theft is covered by a compromised leadership that is now poised to take over. We saw this same inertia when we exposed the crooked text book contract that was awarded to MK publishers. Neither the DEC, ACC or indeed the Police were bothered to investigate what we exposed. Now the Auditor General, belatedly has confirmed that the contract was corrupt. Sadly it is too late. The damage has been done. The same concerns and fears and worries expressed by Zambian publishers before the contract was awarded have been discovered by the Auditors general who could not find the bidding documents and evaluation reports on which the contract was awarded to the foreign company. It is disgusting that the DEC would rather pursue a few old women and villagers growing cannabis and send them to prison than stop multibillion plunder at ZNFU. This is outrageous and totally unacceptable. It is very frustrating that law enforcement agencies exhibit such reckless disregard for duty as they would rather the political leadership takes blame for abetting wrong doing. Corruption and theft of public resources will continue with impunity for as long as the top Police leadership fail to stop corruption at roadblocks. Traffic Police are nowhere to be seen during rush hour when roads are in virtual lockdown, but they will be active extorting money from roadblocks set up in townships and main arteries including Great East Road during the day. If the Police command and ACC are  failing to clamp down on this type of  open corruption, what chance  exists that they will move into ZNFU and  ensure that a proper forensic audit is undertaken?