Township bars cause of domestic violence, say women

SOME women in Lusaka have called for the closure of bars in residential areas as alcohol was the root cause of domestic violence in the city. The women observed with concern that the growing numbers of bars in residential areas was alarming and a source of great concern. Ms. Mutale Kasonde of Kanyama said school children could not study because of the noise emanating from the numerous bars dotted around residential areas close to homes. “Bars should not operate in residential areas and near schools and churches, they create an imbalance whereby children are unable to study and there is no peace in the neighbourhoods,” she said. Mercy Mwenya of Kalingalinga said the community could not raise children under such conditions and it was unacceptable that bars should be allowed to operate not only at odd hours but in residential areas as well. Asked what alternative solutions should be put in place for those that make a living from bars, Ms. Mwenya said there were other means of making money and that alcohol should not be the only solution for those living in abject poverty. “When people are advised to close down bars, they say it’s their bread and butter, but how can something that is destroying the communities be your way of making money?” she asked. She urged residents to consider other options for business like selling fruits, vegetables and food. “Why can’t people sell foodstuffs; there are so many hungry and poor people out there,” she said.