UPP eulogises  freedom fighters


By Nation Reporter

THE United Progressive Party (UPP) has paid glowing tribute to all the ‘‘great and brave’’ freedom fighters who laid their lives for the country to be independent.

UPP president Saviour Chishimba in a commemoration message to celebrate Independence Day said that the party was proud of all freedom fighters for their bravery and for having laid their lives to ensure that the country was liberated.

Mr Chishimba said that the freedom heroines and heroes had paid an ultimate price to ensure that men and women as well children were free and that their sacrifice should not be forgotten.

“Finally, let me seize this momentous occasion of the 52nd anniversary of our cherished Independence to say that UPP is proud to pay homage to all the great and brave freedom fighters who laid their lives for our country.

‘‘Thousands laid down their lives so that our country can celebrate this day.  We salute them as our heroes who paid the supreme sacrifice for us to be free men and women and children of our great and beloved country of Zambia. We should never forget their sacrifices made on our behalf,” he said.

He said that the Independence anniversary was not only about a joyful national celebration but also a day to take stock of the full measure of the successes scored and future prospects.

Mr Chishimba said that in the midst of celebrations the country was faced with economic challenges that needed Government intervention.

He said that there was need for Zambian politicians to move from politics of conflict to that of cooperation and understanding and respect for each other.