ZNFU plunder worsens


MORE details of the plunder and looting of donor money at the Zambian National Farmers Union (ZNFU) have emerged with the latest revelations indicating that in fact about k50 million was allegedly looted instead of the K34 million initially reported. The K34million reported was the figure discovered before the audit was unilaterally stopped by the Board. Vouchers and documentation potentially indicating another theft of K20million have not been processed because the Board of Directors stopped the audit and have resisted attempts to resume and complete the audit. Attempts to elect and install a “user friendly” proxy leadership are intended to stonewall and stop completion of the audit which may disclose the full extent of the rot.” He said. “That figure on which donors have stopped funding the ZNF-U may be materially underestimated if the audit is completed and all suspicious documents investigated and verified.” An insider revealed. Insiders at the Zambia Institute of Chartered Accountants (ZICA)  were apparently aware that  the audit by  EMM and KPMG were not complete and that figures suggested that over K20 million in additional samples of expenses were not verified as the union had refused the auditors from going back after the initial forensic audit. Following the expose that showed that more than K34 million had been fraudulently syphoned out of ZNFU, the union’s board of directors prevented the auditors from going back to the institution to verify another K20 million which was not accounted for. The K34 million ZNFU scandal has since forced the union president Evelyn Nguleka to resign while her executive director Ndambo Ndambo was forced to go on leave to facilitate smooth investigations. Dr Nguleka and Mr Ndambo have since been arrested by the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) and warn and caution statements had been recorded from the duo. The sources revealed that K20 million additional samples of expenses were neither in the EMM’s initial report nor that of KPMG report because ZNFU board prevented the auditors from going back but that ZICA and KPMG were alerted about the possible looting of a further K20 million. “The K34 million fraud at ZNFU is potentially and materially understated because this amount was in the preliminary report. After the report came out, EMM Corporate Partners were never allowed to go back to ZNFU but had informed the board that over K20 million additional samples of expenses could not be verified. However, ZNFU, through its board, prevented EMM from going back. EMM’s preliminary findings at the ZNFU suggested that it was unlikely that all the K20 million would have been found to have been for legitimate and donor approved uses,” the sources said. “During their review meetings with ZICA, EMM showed them the additional samples that never made it into the report. When KPMG came to ask EMM questions during their review, the EMM also showed KPMG additional samples which were not verified, and which if they (auditors) had been allowed would probably have pushed the amount to above K40 million. This is because the norm at ZNFU was that personnel would withdraw cash from banks in amounts of K99,000 or K95,000 but only used between K22,000 and K28,000 for legitimate business,” the source said. Meanwhile, a discreet extraordinary board meeting aimed re-strategizing the cartel ahead of the ZNFU elective congress is scheduled to take place tomorrow.