Catholic Bishops have no biological kids to care about St.Mary’s School



What has changed that the Zambia Conference of Catholic Bishops can be so strong on construction of a mall than educational concerns? We have known them to be champions of development in terms of health and education provision than being profit or business oriented. Are we now seeing their true colours coming out? I may sound disrespectful to the clergy but is it because they no longer care because they have no biological children and adults don’t see the danger. Zambia Environmental Management Agency (ZEMA) where are you? Concerned


ZNFU plunder stinks



The ZNFU plunder appears to be a more highly organised racket than what meets our eyes. It would appear to me that the entire ZNFU is rotten and it is possible to send all its workers to prison because it really stinks. The Government should move in quickly before assets are moved in other people’s names or indeed out of the country while the destruction of evidence is taking place. Please, arrest them now.

Disgusted small-scale farmer, Kafulafuta


Ignore HH, GBM




For as long as you keep on giving these two men the undeserved publicity, they will continue to be a nuisance to the public. These two men have billions of kwacha to spend and would rather take time trotting from one court to another. Just for what? Is it sheer lust for power or wanting to amass more wealth when they get into Government? It really boggles my mind.


Citizen, Lusaka


Subsidy removal on fuel hurting consumers


While it is true that subsidies on fuel only benefitted the rich and big firms, it is equally true that those who are going to be hurt most are ordinary Zambians. Thus, is the Government in order to remove the subsidies and take joy in punishing the poor consumers in this nation?


Disgruntled citizen, Lusaka


The shame of Amnesty International


Allow me space to comment on the untimely counsel by the Amnesty International over HH and GBM court cases. Who is heading this important organisation in Zambia? Is it a he or she; a Zambian or Westerner? We beg you to listen carefully. We don’t need your shameful advice on the matter in which HH and GBM has been reported to the ICC. It is we, Zambians, suffering because of the actions of HH and GBM. Let our Government alone do its work. Concerned


UPND shunning of Independence Day



This is a day we celebrate our freedom from bondage, and for one to shun such an event is giving a message that they lack that feeling of being happy that we got independence. Probably, the UPND party feared that their members would have been beaten by PF cadres if they attend such national functions. UPND cadre


Simon Zukas is free to go back home



When late Princess Nakatindi Wina once said a leopard cannot change its colours, I took it as a joke. How wrong I was! Today, we have the likes of Simon Zukas who want to pretend to feel for Zambians, but do not mean it. If indeed Mr Zukas feels strongly about the events in our country, he is free to fly back home and I can bet we will not miss him. Concerned Zambian.




 Chipata Mayor off the mark


The Chipata Mayor Sinoya Mwale must was off the mark to suggest the introduction of bicycle levy like it was in the colonial days. For what Bwana Mwale. You want to remind Zambians, especially Chipata residents how it used to be in Northern Rhodesia as they celebrate their 52nd Independence anniversary. What poor timing! In any case, you want to do this after the removal of subsidies which has made the lives of many Zambians much harder. Please ba Mayor rethink on this one.

Andrew Agabu Mumba, Petauke