Cartel’s days are numbered-Musoma

Zambians must not fall into the trap of the cartel who had for many years attempted to destroy all those who were against their ill-founded plans, says Zambia Republic Party president Wright Musoma. Mr Musoma said the cartel had been engaging in illicit activities to torment innocent souls and therefore, no one should fall for their lies because their works had been exposed. He said it was for that reason Zambians should rise and stop the cartel from leading the country into destruction. “Once they are operational, no one can know until one is destroyed, and that is why we should make sure as a country not to allow ourselves to be used by people with ill-motives because they did not mean well, but want to quench their selfish desire.“Look at how they had destroyed past Governments and in the end people could view innocent individuals as failures when, in fact, not” he said. Mr Musoma explained that the cartel could make the entire country come to believe what was wrong provided their interests and motives of doing harm to others was protected. He said it was time the cartel should be cracked and exposed so that they could not continue to take charge of issues of national interesting and later go scot-free. He alleged that most of the individuals who had plundered public resources were shifting the burden to the common Zambians, adding that time was catching up with them because of the harm they caused to innocent souls. “The cartel thought they were untouchable but time is catching up with them and they will regret whatever harm they caused to innocent people,” he said.