Night travel ban by RTSA challenged


THE decision by the Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) to ban night travel to reduce the high numbers of road accidents in Zambia has been received with mixed feelings by some Lusaka residents who have charged that the move will affect a lot of businesses. The residents of Lusaka have complained that their businesses would collapse following RTSA’s announcement that they would ban night travel. They also charged that banning of night travel was not a permanent solution. A concerned resident Felix Chileshe complained that if night travel was banned, most businesses would not be able to move their goods in time. Mr Chileshe said that business people moved at night so that they could buy their goods and be able to transport them back in good time. He said that banning if night travel would inconvenience business operations in Zambia which he said would lead to loss of jobs for many people. Mr Chileshe noted that bus operation was a business for many people and if night travel was banned, these people would start making losses. He reiterated that banning night travel was not a permanent solution to end the problem of road traffic accidents that had been happening in Zambia. Another resident Kelvin Lungu said that the agency should endeavour to find a lasting solution to the continued accidents without injuring people’s businesses. Mr Lungu said that there was urgent need for the agency to ensure that they increased the number of patrols on the roads even at night. He said that mounting many check points especially along high ways would help reduce accidents. Mr Lungu said that RTSA should work with the operators to ensure that they could train drivers to move at night with competency. “People need to travel at night, accidents can happen any of the day so banning night travel is not a solution but instead the agency should ensure that they increase their patrols and ensure drivers are always alert  especially those that drive at night “, he said. -Millennium Radio 90.5FM