Another referendum planned-Lubinda


GOVERNMENT has started the consultation process on the referendum to determine the best way to ensure that the enhanced Bill of Rights forms part of the Constitution, Justice Minister Given Lubinda has said. Mr. Lubinda said government was committed to ensure that the will of Zambians was respected and that citizens were given another opportunity as soon as possible to vote and give themselves an enhanced Bill of Rights. He observed that the failure of the referendum entailed that the current Bill of Rights, contained in part III of the Constitution,  continued to be in effect until a time there was referendum. He stated that government would soon advise on the way forward with regard to the adoption of the enhanced Bill of Rights through a Referendum once consultations were concluded. The minister said this when he presented his ministerial statement in Parliament yesterday on the outcome of the referendum which was held alongside the general elections on August 11 and on the way forward. “In order to definitively determine the next steps forward, Government is undertaking consultations on the referendum and to determine the best way that the enhanced Bill of Rights becomes part of the Constitution, ” Mr. Lubinda said. He said Government would continue to sensitize the citizens on the importance of the Bill of Rights and the need to vote in the referendum. Mr. Lubinda further stated that Government remained committed to ensuring that the enhanced Bill of Rights was successfully adopted through the Referendum. He called on stakeholders to get involved in further sensitization of the people on the referendum, stressing that the sensitisation process was not a responsibility of government alone but everyone’s. “The holding of a Referendum is an extremely costly but important exercise, which needs to be undertaken in a manner that ensures the greatest likelihood of success,