Parley authorises creation of 4 new ministries

PARLIAMENT last night approved creation and abolition of the government ministries and department established by President Edgar Lungu. During the official opening of the first session of the twelfth National Assembly on October 4, 2016, President Lungu proposed the creation four new ministries. Vice President Inonge Wina moved a notice of motion on the floor of the House yesterday. All the United Party for National Development (UPND) members of Parliament rejected the motion and asked then vice President to withdraw the motion. After rejecting the motion, first deputy speaker Catherine Namugala announced that a division had been called subjecting the motion to an electronic vote. Parliament approved the creation of new ministries with 91 members voting yes against 47 who voted no. The Ministries created are National Guidance and Religious Affairs, Water Development and Sanitation, Housing and Infrastructure and the Presidential Affairs.