Support Govt, Kapita counsels North Westerners

THE people of North Western Province should work with the Patriotic Front (PF) government to foster development in the region, says provincial minister Richard Kapita. Mr Kapita said the people should put their political differences aside if development was to be achieved in North Western Province. He said it was cardinal that the people worked with the government of the day and support its programmes although they did not vote for the PF in the August elections. He said in an interview that elections were over and urged people in the province to work with the PF government if the region was to see meaningful development. He said it was sad that while the whole country had accepted that President Lungu was the legitimate President voted by the majority Zambians, some sections of society in the province had failed to accept that fact. “People should learn to accept facts. His Excellency Edgar Chagwa Lungu was declared winner and for now he is in full control till 2021 when another election will be held,” he said. He said it was only in North Western Province where members of the opposition were telling  people that UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema was going to be the president. “That is treason, let me repeat this we already have a President in place and Government is functioning smoothly,” he said. He said people should not to be cheated and used by the opposition to fight a legitimately elected government. He said people should ‘‘wake up and stop dreaming’’ because elections were over. “The decision was made by the majority Zambians who re-elected President Lungu. So that decision has to be respected,” he said. He also urged people in the province to reject tribalism which he said had the potential to divide the nation.