Thank you Daily Nation

Dear Editor,

I am greatly thankful to the Daily Nation, and indeed to the Editor for having published my letter which appeared in the Tuesday edition of 25th October 2016. In the same edition I complained over the plight of Local Government retirees who are suffering because local authorities have either deliberately not paid them or some officers from the ministry of Local Government have been misusing the said funds for reason best known to themselves. The new Minister of Local Government-Honourable Vincent Mwale should tirelessly look into this issue. My personal view is that this local government system which is decentralised should find that all the retirees are paid off. Otherwise, the system will be just a moribund and will fail to achieve the desired results.  The whole system is just a circus and I’m sure even the officers spearheading the programme don’t know anything about the State’s intention. I stand together with other silent majority of retirees, who are failing to express themselves and are taken for granted, because they don’t have a union. I, therefore, appeal to His Excellency the Republican President Mr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu to direct the concerned ministries that the retirees are paid off to enable us start a life of Zambian citizens at our old age. We are smelling some smoke that the ministry of Local Government is behaving this way because they believe in the same way as the Zambia Farmers Nation Union (ZNFU) saga.  The officers at the ministry behave as if they will never retire in their lives. It is our retirees’ petition and prayers to His Excellency the President to help us in our cry for our benefits. I, therefore, take this letter as an open one.

Abraham Nkunika