UPND not fit in Parley – Col Panji


…they are wasting time for the people of Zambia

UPND Members of Parliament (MPs) are not fit to be in Parliament for having refused to recognise President Edgar Lungu        as the legitimately elected Head of State after taking oath of allegiance to the President, Panji Kaunda has charged.

Colonel Kaunda said the UPND Members of Parliament were enjoying salaries and allowances from a Government whose leader they did not recognise and should, therefore, be condemned for their hypocrisy.

Col. Kaunda said Zambians had spoken and that the UPND were given a chance to go to court in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution and were clearly told who the winner of the last general elections was.

He said the entire world recognised that President Lungu and the Patriotic Front (PF) won the elections and that the country had moved on.

“If the UPND wants to live in their own imagination that they are in government, it is up to them but nothing will change as President Lungu remains Head of State.

“If they think President Lungu was not duly elected, they should not be in Parliament because they swore to pay allegiance to the President and to protect and defend the Constitution of Zambia,” he said.

Col. Kaunda said the UPND should stop wasting people’s time and go back to start preparing for 2021.

“Now is the time for us to develop the country. We should now be looking at the economy. The Members of Parliament should now start looking at how best they can improve the lives of their people in wards and constituencies. They should not waste our time because they exhausted the court processes and the country has moved on,” Col. Kaunda said.

Meanwhile, Col. Kaunda said Garry Nkombo was not a Zambian, adding that anybody who spoke on tribal lines was not fit to be called a Zambian.

Col. Kaunda was responding to Mr Nkombo’s confession in Parliament that Tonga-speaking people were extremely difficult to subdue

One thought on “UPND not fit in Parley – Col Panji

  1. Col. Panji you are right when u these guys are time wasters. Even a layman like me can c that nothing will change. Wishful thinking will lead HH into depression. I wonder upnd is thinking that the presidency will change. Infact the next election wako ni wako and imagine 3 provinces against 7. I held HH with high esteem but i am extremely disappointed with his behaviour. He never ba Sata bcoz he beat him. This time he insulting Edgar. Ba HH Gods time is the best.

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