Govt buys 28 vehicles for Kabompo

GOVERNMENT has procured 28 vehicles through the ministry of community development to enhance delivery of social cash transfer programme to the vulnerable people. The ministry permanent secretary David Chikamata said government was concerned with the welfare of the vulnerable people and that was the reason the vehicles had been bought to help officers reach remotest areas. Dr Chikamata said this recently at a meeting with community development and social welfare workers in Kabompo district. He said government was also aware of the transport challenges officers in the ministry especially those in rural areas faced. “My only appeal to you officers is that these vehicles once distributed, they should be put to good use because there is a tendency by some officers of misusing government properties,” Dr Chikamata said.  Dr. Chikamata also explained that the removal of subsidies on fuel by government would help the poor to benefit from national resources as more money would be channelled to his ministry under the social cash transfer programme.  Meanwhile, Dr. Chikamata has urged school authorities in Kabompo to stop turning away children whom government paid school fees for under the public social welfare scheme.  Dr. Chikamata said the ministry was aware that the children had accrued bills from unsettled fees at various schools and asked the learning institutions to exercise patience as the ministry was negotiating with relevant authorities on how to settle the accrued bills. Most vulnerable children under the public social welfare scheme in Kabompo were being chased from schools on account of the ministry’s failure to settle their school fees on time.