Kankoyo Constituency cry for development


By Nation Reporter


Kankoyo constituency in Mufulira is in a dilapidated state with no proper roads, poor water supply system, unemployment and poor infrastructure among other things and residents have appealed to area MP Brian Mushimba to come to their aid

Mufulira District PF vice-chairman Lewis Bwacha said Mr Mushimba should ensure that, in the next five years of being an MP,  worked hard to deliver on his campaign promises .


Mr Bwacha was speaking at the weekend when PF cadres and Kankoyo residents walked from town centre to Kankoyo township as a way of thanking President Edgar Lungu who for the first time had appointed Kankoyo MP to the position of a full cabinet minister.

“While we are grateful to President Lungu for appointing you as full cabinet minister of transport and communication, we would like to urge you not to forget about the constituency, but to work hard and deliver on your campaign promises.

“As you can see, Kankoyo is in a dilapidated state and needs to be rebuilt. The roads are in a bad state, water supply is bad and women and youths, need to be empowered. So in the next five years, we would like to see a changed Kankoyo constituency,” Mr Bwacha said.

In response, Mr Mushimba said he was humbled by the support he had continued to receive from the residents of Kankoyo and promised  to work on the challenges facing the constituency.

He promised to meet Mulonga Water and Sewerage Company (MWSC) management and other relevant authorities so that they could find better ways of addressing the challenges in the constituency so that people’s lives were improved.

“I am one of you, I was born here in Kankoyo and so I will not let you down, but I will need your cooperation and support as we walk together in addressing the challenges in Kankoyo constituency.

“Let me also say I am humbled by your gesture to thank President Lungu for appointing me as a full cabinet Minister. I am humbled that I am the first Kankoyo MP to have been appointed to the position of full cabinet minister,” Mr Mushimba said.