Nkoyas rise against each other over Kahare chiefdom succession

THE Nkoya-speaking people of Kaoma district in Western province are fighting among themselves over who will succeed chief Kahare who died in July this year. And Nkoya Ngambela Mwanashihemi escaped death at the hands of suspected cadres who were believed to have been hired from Namwala to deal with all those who would be against their favourite candidate. However, the people from Nkeyema district in Chief Kahare’s chiefdom have appealed to the Ministry of Home Affairs to deploy more police officers before lives were lost. The villagers alleged that 13 guns and dangerous weapons such as the machetes were discovered at the palace to harm all those who would be against the move. Initially, the villagers stated that Henry Kahare was the right heir to the late Chief Kahare as per traditional lineage, but the other group led by Edward Kahare were alleged to have not agreed with the majority. And Nkoya Ngambela Mwanashihemi confirmed the incident, saying the situation at hand would bring havoc if it remained unchecked. Ngambela Mwanashihemi said he was standing in as the position was still vacant following the demise of Chief Kahare, and that the matter was still in court. He said he wondered why people had to fight when the matter was still before the courts of law awaiting determination. “I was beaten this week and I am still nursing injuries. We hear there are people who have been hired all the way from Namwala district to come and intimidate the people,” he said. Ngambela Mwanashihemi appealed to the people to remain calm and wait for the courts to decide because no one had the mandate to be in that position. He said the attempts to install Chief Kahare in September could not be successful on grounds that it was marred with confusion. It was alleged that there were two group that were fighting for the position of chief Kahare, that is one group supporting Edward Kahare and the other supporting Henry Kahare.