Police gun down Ndola man


By Nation Reporter


A 25 year old man of Chief Chiwala’s chiefdom in Masaiti District on the Copperbelt has been allegedly shot dead by police in unclear cirmustances.

Provincial police commissioner Charity Katanga who confirmed the shooting incidence however said that the circumstances under which the man was shot  were not clear.

She said it was  too early to qualify that the deceased  was murdered by the police.

Ms. Katanga said the matter was still under investigations but police picked up the body of on Wednesday around 23.00 hours and was now lying in Ndola Central Hospital mortuary.

“As far as we are concerned we have no murder case; what we have is a shooting incident where a person has been killed.

We are yet to establish the circumstances in which the person died,””- said Ms Katanga

She said Police in the area were executing their warrant for the details and she would only make a consolidated statement after she get full details of what exactly transpired.

“So far we have people from Chiwala area and police officers on the ground who have gone to investigate further the circumstances of the death because there is no clear picture of what transpired  as whether the person was killed by police or the firearm accidentally went off after he struggled to grab the gun,” she said

Ms.Katanga said,the deceased was yet to be identified.