Prayer key to healing hateful hearts-First Lady




By Thomas Nsama


PRAYERS is key to softening and healing the hearts of those with hatred and ill intention against Zambia and its leadership, First Lady Esther Lungu has said. And the Church of Central African Presbyterian (CCAP) Reverend Makaiko Banda has appealed to Zambians never to give up because without the love and care of the Almighty, the country would not be enjoying peace and unity since its independence. Speaking at the Church service at CCAP in Lusaka’s John Laing Township, First Lady Lungu said the church should continue to pray for the nation and its leadership. The First Lady who attended the CCAP church service whose theme was ‘Perseverance on Sunday’ said Zambians needed to pray without ceasing because the devil was always working at turning people against God. “Prayer is the only key to heal and mend the hearts of brothers and sisters who have hatred and ill intentions against this country and its leadership. This is what I talk about and I tell people that never live a life of regrets no matter what hardships you may go through because God cares for you and that is why I am here to feed from the word of God,” the First Lady said. Mrs Lungu said she was humbled by the reception accorded to her by the congregants in John Laing and that she was going to continue encouraging Zambians particularly women never to give up as God was listening to their challenges and problems.    And Reverend Banda urged Zambians to persevere in life and never reject God no matter the obstacles they might face in their lives and that God was faithful and cared for them.