UPND insults should not be broadcast


I always listen to Parliament radio and it is now clear that this medium is being abused by the opposition UPND who use every opportunity to insult President Lungu. They use highly provocative and disrespectful language to show that they do not recognise him. The abuse of radio to disseminate sedition is wrong and the Speaker must reconsider the live transmission of debates if this style of debating continues.





KCM woes must be investigated



The Government should take very keen interest in the business model that KCM is pursuing because it seems to be in perpetual financial difficulties when other mines are able to rise above their problems. Why are they the only ones facing such serious problems such as being unable to pay their senior officers when FQM is even able to extend help to the Government in quick starting the Solwezi-Chingola road.

Ephraim Machona




UPND debates in parliament poor



The debates in Parliament by UPND Members of Parliament is poor to say the least. Currently there is no credible opposition in Parliament. It appears that the UPND leadership has given destructive instructions to their MPs to oppose anything from the Government.      One wonders who they are representing in Parliament. Certainly, not the people who voted for them.                   

P S Lungu.



Ganja in Musenga Ghetto,Kasama



I am a 19-year-old guy, and when I went to Musenga in Kasama, I was approached by 3 different guys in under five minutes asking me ‘boi, ulefwaya ama high grade ayashinga’? The police with DEC should introduce undercover agents to curb such issues! Even part time civil undercover agents will help. Please, quick action is needed…

Mukuka Jackson Nawa,




THE ICC and Africa


It is wise for African countries to pull out of ICC which is all intent to punish black leaders only. Africa must unite. Viva black people

Concerned Citizen



Illegal foreigners invade

Chisokone market


We have many foreigners in Zambia with expired documents. Please, can the concerned authorities like the Immigration Department check on this one? Go to Chisokone market in Kitwe you will find them in hundreds.

Rev Chilongo, Kitwe




Stop that PF cadre behaviour


The behaviour of PF cadres at State House is abhorrent and it is high time the President did something about it. Imagine cadres taking all the food and in full view of the police and wrapping them in chitenges for home consumption leaving hordes of hungry and thirsty people.

Disappointed Citizen



Disappointed Citizen


I recently visited Sesheke and noted with concern the deterioration on the road section between Kazungula and Sesheke. This road is of great economic benefit to this country as it carries cargo from Walvis Bay in Namibia to Zambia and beyond. Toll gates are a must on this road. Mr Chitotela, please act now before other people start talking. RDA go there and see the state of the road.

Angella Tembo, Lusaka