Fire Dr Kalinde, Bank of Zambia told


THE Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) should have suspended or even blacklist Bank of Zambia (BoZ) legal counsel Leonard Kalinde for professional conduct instead of glossing over the crime he committed by advising the Central Bank to conceal evidence that was to reveal that the liquidation of Access Financial Services Limited (AFSL) and Access Leasing Services Limited (ALL) was grandly mismanaged, Wright Musoma has charged. And Mr Musoma has appealed to the Law Association of Zambia to consider reviewing its ruling in which the association decided to reprimand Dr Kalinde instead of suspending him or striking him from the list of lawyers in Zambia. Mr Musoma who is the Zambia Republican Party (ZRP) president said the ruling by LAZ not to impose sanctions against Mr Kalinde was nothing but a mockery of justice because the BoZ legal counsel deliberately breached the professional ethics in law practice. LAZ should have imposed serious sanctions against Dr Kalinde such as suspending him or blacklisting him from practicing law in Zambia. It is unfortunate that Dr Kalinde walked away with a slap on the wrist for his grave crime against law practice,” Mr Musoma said. Mr Musoma claimed that there was a cartel at the Bank of Zambia that used the institution to loot and plunder AFSL and ALL and that it was unfortunate that the culprits had not been made to account for their criminal activities. He said in an interview that Zambians were shocked by the LAZ ruling on Dr Kalinde who had only been warned when the crime he committed was tantamount to economic sabotage. He explained that the malicious liquidation of AFSL and ALL was nothing but economic sabotage because at the time Bank of Zambia was declaring the two financial institutions insolvent, the institutions had a lot of money both in cash and assets. Mr Musoma said the Bank of Zambia through a cartel supervised the liquidation of AFSL and ALL when the two financial institutions were solvent and viable entities. “Access Financial Services Limited and Access Leasing Limited were looted by a known cartel at the Bank of Zambia. Dr Kalinde did not give legal advice to the Bank of Zambia but deliberately breached the ethics of law practice by advising the Central Bank to conceal evidence that would have revealed that the liquidation of AFSL and ALL were mismanaged,” Mr Musoma said. Mr Musona has demanded that Dr Kalinde should hence forth resign for having been found wanting in the liquidation of AFSL and ALL saga and that it would be shocking if the Bank of Zambia was going to maintain Dr Kalinde as its legal counsel after both LAZ and the Supreme Court found him guilty. The ZRP leader said Marshall Mwansopelo, the liquidator of AFSL and ALL should equally be fired and that the law enforcement agencies should take keen interest in the cases of the two Bank of Zambia officials.