Foreigners invade Kitwe’s Chisokone market


MARKETEERS at Chisokone market in Kitwe are up in arms against the influx of foreigners who have taken over trading places at the market as retailers instead of being wholesalers. The marketeers, who were planning to protest over the  development, said they were not happy that foreigners who were originally coming to Chisokone market to sell goods as wholesalers, were now trading as retailers. Association of Vendors and Marketeers (AVEMA) president Able Chikwa said marketeers were not happy that foreigners who were supposed to trade as holesalers had now become retailers. “We have a problem here at Chisokone market because most of the foreigners who are selling goods as retailers were originally wholesalers where marketeers could buy from and then re-sell the same goods at retail, but now the problem is that these foreigners have become retailers. “Yes, they come with goods in bulk and start selling them at retail price, disadvantaging our members. This is not good, especially now when business is not doing well. So our members were planning to protest over this issue but we had to restrain them,” Mr Chikwa said. Mr Chikwa said some of the foreigners at Chisokone market had no genuine documents to allow them stay in the country and trade and so it was important that the Immigration Department and other law enforcement agencies moved in and investigate the matter. He said Government should ensure that the law to protect marketeers and vendors from unfair competition was strengthened so that local people were not disadvantaged by foreigners. “Even if Zambia is a Christian nation, we should ensure that laws to protect the local people especially marketeers and vendors are made clear and strengthened. We can’t have a situation where a Congolese comes at Chisokone market to sell goods as a retailer. No. “What should be done is that if Congolese or Tanzanians come here with goods, they should sell their goods at wholesale price to Zambians so that Zambians can sell the goods at retail price so that they make a profit. The other thing is that the Immigration Department should also come in and see what kind of documents these foreigners have,” he said.