Lusaka residents told to maintain clean surroundings

RESIDENTS of Lusaka should ensure that they keep their environment clean at all times especially now that the rainy season is approaching, says Lusaka deputy mayor Chilando Chitangala. Ms. Chitangala, who is Roma Ward 17 councillor in Mandevu constituency, said it was important that people took responsibility to have clean and safe environment. She said that people needed to be proud of their surroundings and ensure that they were kept clean at all times without waiting to be told what to do by the authorities. ‘‘Lusaka will be a very clean city if people learn how to take care of their garbage and not to wait to be told by the relevant authorities,’’ she said. She said having a clean environment should be a priority for every resident and as such they should ensure that they threw garbage in designated places. Ms. Chitangala said that garbage disposal was a major problem as many people did not understand the importance of disposing of garbage correctly. “It is not right for people to be throwing garbage anyhow because at the end of the day it makes our city dirty. Lusaka does not belong to one single person; it is for all of us and I am working hard in my ward so that as Roma Ward 17 we can lead by example and show other wards the importance of ensuring that surroundings are kept clean at all times,’’ she said. Ms. Chitangala said that in her ward she was working with the council to sensitize people on the importance of disposing of garbage at the legal dump sites. She would be working closely with the people in her ward to make it clean for the benefit of the residents. Ms. Chitangala called on people to work with the local leadership in the various wards to ensure that they put ideas together on how best to keep their wards and the entire City of Lusaka clean.-Millennium Radio 90.5FM