MMD women urged to back Mutati



MMD national trustee Rose Zimba has called on women to rally behind the leadership of Felix Mutati as the party continues to find its feet after the past squabbles which engulfed the party in the run-up to the convention early this year. And Ms Zimba, who is former MMD national chairlady, urged women in the party to resume programmes which they used to undertake when the party was in power so as to provide an example to young women politicians and show the nation that the party did not need to be in power to provide community service. Speaking during the tour of constituencies by the party’s national executive committee (NEC) in Lusaka district, Ms Zimba told women to stop listening to rumour-mongers who have continued to peddle lies that the party president has defected to the ruling PF because he was appointed as Finance minister to contribute to the country’s economic recovery. “We must stop listening to people who are saying that our president has defected to the PF because that is far from the truth. Our president is still with us but helping the nation as a Minister of Finance. ‘‘It is our duty to ensure that the president is assured that his presidency is not threatened by answering to those queries and by doing so you will be helping him to perform wonders for this country,” she said. And Ms Zimba called the women in the party to resume community activities that they used to engage in when the party was in power.