Mosquitoes invade Garden compound

RESIDENTS of Garden township have called on the Lusaka City Council to help eradicate swarms of misquotes that have infested the area. The residents complained that the area was invaded by swarms of mosquitoes from the nearby sewers and an outbreak of malaria was imminent. Gerald Chanda, a resident in the area, complained that the sewers in the area were the home of mosquitoes, adding that many lives might be lost to malaria if nothing was done to get rid of the insects. Mr. Chanda said that there was urgent need for the council and other stakeholders to disinfect all the sewer ponds. He said people in the area had been appealing to the council to spray the area to get rid of mosquitoes. “As residents of Garden township we have on several occasions talked to the council to help us with the issue of mosquitoes in our area especially in this hot season. “We have a lot of mosquitoes in our homes and this affects us because our lives are at risk, considering the fact that malaria is among that top diseases that claim a lot of lives in our country and as residents we fear for our lives,’’ he said. Mr. Chanda said that the council should partner with the Ministry of Health and Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company (LWSC) to clean up the sewer ponds or find a permanent solution to the mosquito threat in the area. But Lusaka City Council said that it was still working on acquiring more funds to get equipment and chemicals needed to eradicate mosquitoes in the township. In response to the complaints from the residents, LCC public relations manager Mulunda Habeenzu said the local authority intended to cover many areas in the city that were infested with mosquitoes. Mr. Mulunda said once the funds were released to the council, mosquito spraying in different areas of Lusaka would begin. “As council we are aware of the situation in Garden and right now what we are doing is sourcing for funds so that we can get chemicals and all the materials needed that will help us get rid of the mosquitoes not only in Garden but also in different parts of the city’’, he said.-Millennium Radio 90.5FM