Police evict rival Nkoya militias from palace


CALM has returned to Chief Kahare’s chiefdom in Nkeyema district of Western Province after police evicted from the palace the two Nkoya rival camps fighting over who should succeed the chief who died four months ago.   Police intervened in the dispute to separate the two violent groups who were ordered to vacate the palace until the courts of law determined who should be the next chief. There has been sporadic outbreaks of violence since September as attempts to install the new Chief Kahare failed as the process was marred by confusion. Reports from Kaoma indicate that the security situation was so tense that some villagers and civil servants were forced to spend nights in the bush as marauding gangs of thugs equipped with various weapons hunted down all those they suspected to be opposed to their intentions. And last week, the chief Induna and seven other indunas presiding over the chiefdom since the demise of the chief escaped death after being attacked and severely beaten by the thugs hired by one of the rival camps to deal with all those believed to be opposed to their favourite choice. One of the indunas was shot and wounded. Ngambela Mwanashihemi said yesterday that the situation was now back to normal after police ordered the two opposing groups behind the succession wrangle to vacate the chiefdom. Ngambela Mwanashihemi assured the people that they were now safe as the police who were deployed at the palace and the nearby villages have restored normalcy to the area.   He appealed to the people in the area to remain calm and wait for the courts to decide the right heir to the throne. However, village headman Kelvin Mulawa explained that it was wrong for leaders to engage in such confusion when people knew the right person to be on throne.