Lungu’s foreign trips benefiting Zambia -Kalaba

PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu should be supported and not condemned when he makes foreign travels because he is doing it for the benefit of Zambians, Foreign Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba has said. Mr. Kalaba said it was through such travels and interactions with the international community that Zambia would be recognised. This was when Kabompo Member of Parliament Ambrose Lufuma asked a question in parliament yesterday on what Government was doing to ensure that more Zambians obtained positions in international institutions. The Minister assured the House that Government was making efforts to ensure Zambia’s active participation at international level. He said this was why it was necessary for the Head of State to travel so as to make necessary engagements with the international community meant for the benefit of Zambians. “The President has been criticised that he is travelling too much, yet he is working tirelessly to put Zambia on the map and ensure that necessary engagements with the international community that will benefit Zambians are made. “When the President travels, he is doing it for Zambians and not for himself. Nobody would love to travel just for the sake of travelling. The President barely has personal time and sometimes he even skips meals just to make sure things are done,” Mr. Kalaba said. He further stated that the President should be supported whenever he travelled out of the country because he meant well for Zambians. Meanwhile, in his Ministerial statement to parliament, Mr. Kalaba has announced that Zambia has secured two candidates for the Commissioner positions at the African Union Commission. He named the two candidates as Ambassador Albert Muchanga and Dr. Austine Sichinga for the positions of Commissioner – Trade and Industry and Commissioner – Rural Economy and Agriculture. Mr. Kalaba disclosed that the candidates were SADC regional candidates for the positions after being selected through a competitive process at a SADC forum. “My Ministry is embarking on a rigorous campaign to Lobby other African countries for the subsequent election of the Zambian candidates during the next meeting in January,” he said. Mr. Kalaba emphasised that it was only by interaction with the international community, at all levels, that Zambia could meet its foreign policy objective of advancing its national interests. He noted that active participation of President Lungu in regional, continental and global affairs, as well as increased interactions and engagements at bilateral level would continue to advance Zambia’s standing on the international stage and serve to promote Zambia’s national interest.

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  1. “Mr. Kalaba said it was through such travels and interactions with the international community that Zambia would be recognised.”

    Rubbish! This is that through such travels and interactions with the international community that LUNGU would be recognised as a legitimate president after having stolen an election!

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