UPND blames Katuka for loss of Sioma seat


LOSING UPND Sioma parliamentary candidate Kaliye Mandandi has told the High Court that it was by the grace of God that he managed to get over 3000 votes from the August 11, 2016 general elections.

Mr Mandandi revealed to the High Court that Mobololwa Subulwa, the Sioma Independent MP allegedly received more than 42 satellite phones and money from the UPND which was used as campaign tool.

And UPND secretary general Stephen Katuka has been blamed for the loss of Sioma Constituency to the independent candidate.

Mandani has told High Court Judge Eddie Sikazwe that the winning independent candidate Mbololwa Subulwa dented his name and image by telling the electorates in Sioma Constituency that he was a ritual murderer.

This is in a matter in which Kaliye Mandandi and his PF counterpart Motomena Mubiana have petitioned the election of Independent candidate Mobololwa Subulwa as MP for Sioma Constituency.

They have asked the High Court to nullify the election of Ms Subulwa on account of electoral malpractice and hate speech which she allegedly used to disadvantage them during the campaigns.

Winding up his petition as second petitioner on Friday, Mandandi told the court that people of Sioma were convinced that he was a ritual killer while the PF candidate was a thief as was being portrayed by Ms Subulwa.

“This is not how elections are won by defaming your competitors. No one would want to be associated with a ritual killer or a thief. I was seriously character assassinated by Ms Mbololwa Subulwa,” Mandandi told the court.

“The independent candidate’s campaign messages were merely meant to project me to the well-meaning people of Sioma as a murderer. To this day, when I move around villages in Sioma, people run away from me because they know me as a killer. It was a very painful experience, it is just by the grace of God that I even managed to get over 3000 votes because my name was dented,” he said.

Mandindi further told the court that Ms Mbololwa impersonated as the duly adopted candidate for the UPND in Sioma constituency.

“The respondent disadvantaged me because of impersonation. 42 phones and K22, 000 meant for UPND landed in her hands because of impersonation. Upon knowing that, a docket was opened. The one who received the money and phones was Ms Mbololwa’s agent Machalo Mwenda,” the court heard.