Street lights in Kamwala South



The Kamwala South street lights have turned out to be white elephants. From the time they were installed they have not been turned on. RDA and LCC, please update us on this. This project was too costly and we need feedback on the progress.

Collins Munkondola




The concerns raised  by the State President over the behaviour of the ACC officials who he branded inept as reported in the Daily Nation of November 1st clearly shows that the Commission was one of the agencies that the cartel used in fixing innocent people. Now the ACC seems to be stuck. They don’t know what to do such that no instructions are coming from the cartel. I strongly believe that changing top management has made things better. The solution lies in cleaning the whole Commission in order for it to go back to its mandate of being a vibrant and impartial body fighting corruption. This shows how deep the damage the cartel has done to many of our institutions in our country.

Micky, Ndola


Food security



Government lacks seriousness on important national issues like food security and may plunge the country into serious hunger because it has not exhibited any seriousness in developing the agriculture sector and motivating farmers by paying them on time. The delay in paying farmers is demotivating them and very few would sell maize to FRA given the way framers have been treated by the Government. This is not good and it may plunge the country into serious hunger. People are being taken for granted.

Kennedy Munyemesha


Jose Mourinho directionless


Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho should be reminded that offloading the entire defence is not the solution. What is needed is to know how to pair the players. There is too much guess work in his coaching style. Man-U needs at least one striker, one holding midfielder and two central defenders. Lastly, the only players he should release are Bastian Swastiger, Chris Smalling, Micheck Carrick and Phil Jones.


MK Ndola




The media should promote an in-depth and analytical news reporting style that can stimulate healthy economic policies. Journalists need to take an interest in economic policy development issues in the country and facilitate policy dialogue among key stakeholders that can enhance economic governance. Time has come for this country to work closely with stakeholders and find solutions that can grow the economy.


Concerned citizen


Nkombo at it again


Hahahaha…! Poor Nkombo is at it again. The man seems not to know why he is in Parliament. He thinks Parliament is a place for tribal talk. Remember, this is the same man who passed tribal remarks in Parliament before elections, stating that people of Southern Province had resolved to change PF government this year. Did it happen? Nay! The man keeps making the presidency of their leader a mirage. The more he keeps spitting this tribal rubbish, the more their chances of forming government fade. Remember the Constitution is bound to be amended to clarify the 50 + 1 threshold. One will gnash his teeth in 2021 when that is done.




That traffic officer at force HQ


Allow me space in your paper to express my disappointment over the unprofessional conduct of a police officer at police HQ. He is so arrogant and unbelievably disrespectful to motorists that fail to make payment or fines after being ‘caught’. The overall traffic command should put this officer in his right place or remove him from traffic division because he is one of the officers who are tarnishing the image of traffic officers. Can you imagine, him threatening to beat a motorist who asked to go and withdraw money from the ATM to pay the fine! Disappointed motorist


Save Loloma Day Secondary School



I would like to appeal to the relevant authorities to quickly find solutions for this school. Apparently, there is no leadership and no accountability of funds, hence the future is bleak. Concerned parent