Political interference compromises corruption fight



The brave stance taken by President Edgar Lungu is key in creating a favourable environment for fighting corruption, Zambia Council for Social Development (ZCSD) executive director Lewis Mwape has said. Mr Mwape commended President Edgar Lungu for having realised that institutions that were supposed to spearhead the Anti-Corruption crusade had gone to sleep and there was no one to awaken them. “ZCSD notes with great concern that there has been a lot of political interference in the fight against corruption and the presidency is key in creating a favourable environment for fighting the scourge.  “In most cases, we have seen investigative officers choosing to secure their jobs over executing their duties,” he said. Mr Mwape said a lot of threats had been heard before, and now that the President himself had spoken, nothing more was expected other than action. He said innocent Zambians were not enjoying the benefits of being citizens in their own country and this was as a result of corruption that had been tolerated for long. Mr Mwape appealed to all ministers to support the President in the fight against corruption, adding that Cabinet ministers should uphold the befitting Code of Conduct and ensure that the systems of governance were not weakened to disadvantage the majority Zambians. “For example, the corruption which is taking place in the land acquisition in the country is worrying. “Land in Zambia is now for the rich and the corrupt only and this has reduced the dignity of our people in their own country, and because of corruption, youths find it extremely difficult to acquire pieces land which is their constitutional right,” he said. Mr Mwape said the country’s bleeding economy needs money for development and to improve people’s livelihoods.

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