What is wrong with our police?


Every morning an illegal publication called the Mast appears on our streets without any challenge from the Police and yet they know the history behind the publication. In many streets the paper is sold in the presence of police who actually buy it. What is wrong with our Police? Morgan Chiwenda


ZRA open sewer disgrace



, Can the new Zambia Revenue Authority boss kindly resolve the issue of the open sewer that is giving the offices a very bad stench? The open sewer is pervading the entire ZRA offices which a very offensive smell. Something must be done very quickly to rectify the blemish. CKM


Who owns ‘Mast’ newspaper”?



Our law enforcement agencies are a clear let down. What are they doing about this seemingly extension of the Post Newspaper? Do they understand the laws of Zambia? I doubt if these law enforcement officers understand the law or is the country so infiltrated and rendered totally impotent to act against law breakers. This man is a perpetual tax defaulter. How come the Registrar of Companies registered this so called MAST newspaper? Under whose directorship is it? Does this man want to turn this country into a lawless State? Micky Ndola


Corruption rampant in councils




Corruption is cancer in most councils not only in land allocations but also in supplies of goods where councils are buying twice the price of goods at the market because of conniving with suppliers. The challenge is quite big and at the end councils are struggling to meet their genuine obligations, failure to deliver, failure to pay retirees,  delayed salaries and so forth . All these are happening with impunity. Icikulu bena balelya . Concerned


Selection of national team

players Editor,


I wish to express my disappointment on the selection of national team players. It seems coaches only look at certain clubs. Even if someone is not playing well at the so called big clubs, he is still picked. To be specific, in Zambia only few clubs contribute  players to the national team like ZESCO FC, Green Buffaloes, Red Arrows, Zanaco FC and others. I am left wondering why even our current coach has left out Nkana goal poacher Walter Bwalya, versatile midfielder Kennedy Mudenda of Power Dynamos and other good players from different clubs. I have watched these guys, they play so well and they are better than the ones he has selected. What criterion do these coaches take into account before selecting a national team? I am disturbed! Disappointed soccer fan


Ndalamei should wake up



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  1. We are going down a hole and I don’t see a way out.Corruption is on the highest level and who is to say that after fuel/electricity price hike and other means of revenue will actually benefit the country and people as these leaders have and will continue to misuse and steal.The majority can hide under the carpet and call Zambia peaceful and on the road to recovery but we are infact cowards and can not stand up for our rights or country and the hole just keeps getting deeper.now just forget you read this and all will be okay.

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