Govt to remove entry barriers into ICT

GOVERNMENT has initiated the process of reviewing the licensing framework for the telecommunications sector to ensure that there are less barriers of entry into the Information Communication and Technology (ICT) market. Minister of Transport and Communications, Brian Mushimba, said the process was aimed at ensuring that the environment was more competitive with increased availability of services to consumers at affordable prices. Speaking at the Zamtel launch of the 4.5 LTE 2300 in Kitwe, Mr Mushimba said ICT was key to enhancing sustainable socio-economic development of Zambia. “ICTs are at the centre of continuous growth and innovation the world over. More and more services in our society are being provided over electronic platforms with prominence of mobile phone driven services. “ICTs are revolutionizing our lives and are key to enhancing sustainable socio-economic development for the people of Zambia,” said Mr Mushimba. He said Government was proud to see the State-owned telecommunications company taking steps to stay at the cutting edge of technology and service advancements to serve the general public. “ICTs can be used as a delivery mechanism for information and various services to our people living in underserved and remote locations of our country. “These services include improved public health education and management, emergency advice, and improved access to financial services,” he said. And Huawei Technologies Zambia country director, Tian Rui, said his company, together with the Government and Zamtel, planned to roll out a world class network throughout the country, from the capital to all parts of the country. “In this network, there are a lot of no.1s in Africa: 1st software defined network, 1st LTE-450 country wide coverage 4G network, 1st 100G optical transmission network. Our vision is to break all digital barriers and enrich people’s lives through better and faster connections,” he said. The newly launched LTE-2300 technology is able to reach a download speed of 200Mbps.