A FACTION within the Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD) has called for the immediate impeachment of its president Edith Nawakwi for allegedly starting manoeuvres to amend the party constitution to secure for herself a third term as party president. Ms Nawakwi has also been accused of having singularly mismanaged the FDD finances through the national treasurer, Ruth Mugala, which has caused a lot of frustrations among the party’s parliamentary candidates in the last general elections. Bwalya Ng’andu, the FDD chairperson for differently abled persons, said Ms Nawakwi was allegedly trying to manipulate the FDD constitution so that she could run for a third term after having served her two five-year terms. Mr Ng’andu charged that Ms Nawakwi did not have the interest of the FDD at heart for allegedly trying to amend the constitution of the opposition party and that her actions were in breach of the FDD constitution and she should, therefore, be impeached. Mr Ng’andu has disclosed that Ms Nawakwi’s proposed amendments to the FDD constitution were being done under what he termed ‘‘secretive and clandestine tutelage’’ of Dennis Ndawa, the FDD chairperson for the board of trustees, and Antonio Mwanza, the party’s spokesperson. In a letter dated 4th November addressed to the FFD national chairperson captioned: ‘‘Appeal to consider and determine various matters’’, Mr Ng’andu said he was convinced that there were ‘‘illegitimate activities’’ going on unabated in the party. He alleged that some senior members of the FDD had commissioned a process to cause amendments to the party constitution and were disregarding and circumventing the due powers and functions of the national policy committee. Mr Ng’andu said Ms Nawakwi’s schemes to amend the FDD constitution and extend her presidential term to three terms was a sure recipe for anarchy within the rank and file of the FDD general membership. “These manoeuvres are not only unprocedural but lack merit in that they seek to ensure that, one Edith Nawakwi, the outgoing president of the FDD is given a third term. This is a sure recipe for anarchy within the rank and file of the FDD general membership. ‘‘Please, note that the FDD constitution is unambiguous on the limit of the presidential term. Notwithstanding Ms Nawakwi’s involvement in the various clandestine activities bordering on manipulating the FDD constitution in her due favour, I propose that the national policy committee scheduled for Wednesday, 9th November, be moved and vote for the impeachment of the outgoing president Edith Nawakwi as provided for by the constitution,” Mr Ng’andu said. He said Ms Nawakwi had ‘‘created brutal encounters’’ between the FDD parliamentary candidates in the last general election and the election agents by insinuating that the candidates had pocketed money meant for the agents. He said Ms Nawakwi had chosen to demean both the candidates and the election agents through her repeated public pronouncements that there was no agreement between the FDD and the agents that they would be paid for their work.